Membership Funnel

What is a Membership Funnel and How Do We Build One in ClickFunnels?

Among the several advertising and growth options that ClickFunnels offers to online sellers and businesses, Membership Funnels are very unique and interesting. 

What is a Membership Funnel?

ClickFunnels allows you to create a Membership Funnel to enable you to sell people into membership sites, various newsletters, and many such services. It is categorized as a type of buyer funnel. A membership funnel has the front gateway to a membership site and also a members area. So a typical membership funnel has the following four pages:

1. Sales + Order Page

2. Offer Page

3. Membership Access Page

4. Membership Area

The first page will generally showcase the skills or products and will allow users to sign up for some type of trial. In the Members’ Area, the users are able to create their own unique usernames and passcodes. This allows them to access content that will be unlocked based on their particular purchases.

So, if you want to make money out of what you’re good at, you know exactly what you need!

Why choose Membership Funnels? 

There are so many benefits of these funnels to users, but let’s discuss a few most important ones..

Allows Excellent Marketing:

Great content is known as one of the most important tools in marketing and advertising. ClickFunnels allows you to create unique content that would allow you to convert your leads into actual paying customers and clients. It allows you to present your material in a multitude of attractive and creative ways and also allows you to customize the messages that accompany the content. All these features are very helpful in making users subscribe as members and paying customers. 

Enables Great Customer Satisfaction:

Whether online or retail, every business grows only if the customers are satisfied and happy with the services. These funnels offer a very simplified signing up process and an easy access to content, which makes users feel important and encourages them to do business with you. Appreciation is the emotion that drives people to continue with further interaction and involvement. Great marketing strategies make use of customer appreciation to make them their long- term customers and clients. In Marketing Funnels, you are able to make your clients feel highly appreciated by giving them access to amazing content as soon as they meet a certain purchasing threshold. This really encourages them to indulge further with your business venture. 


One of the main tools behind the success of ClickFunnels is the advanced level of simplicity and ease that it provides to both, the sellers and the customers. You do not have to be very tech-savvy or spend a gigantic sum of money on hiring expensive tech professionals to help build your funnels. Creating a Marketing Funnel requires simplified steps and a limited span of time. The end result is extremely profitable for your business. It is also equally easy for the subscribers to sign up and pay using suitable payment processors like Stripe or PayPal. They can now log in and access your content. Does it get any easier than this?

Another great feature is that it enables you to restrict the access to your content if the user fails to meet the set threshold!

In short, these funnels allow businesses to boost their sales, increase their revenue, and to attain high levels of customer experience.

Real Life Example:

Now, let’s see how Membership Funnels work using a real life example …

Brian sells in Ecommerce. He would take his most popular and in- demand physical products and create a membership, where he would train customers on how to use his products in the best ways. Now he could do two things. He could give away the products for free to customers who would purchase subscriptions to his membership site. Or, he could also give away his membership site for free to users who would purchase his products!

Now that we have established how valuable it is to use these funnels, let’s take a look into how we can create them..

How to build a Membership Funnel?

Step 1:

Firstly, you need to have a Clickfunnels Account. 

Next, we will create a membership funnel.

  • To do this, either select the ‘Build Funnel’ option from the ClickFunnels Menu or alternatively, you may also click on the ‘Build a Funnel’ option from the Dashboard.
  • Next, click on  the ‘Sell Your Product’ option and then select ‘Membership’.
  • Now, you will name your Membership Funnel.
  • Finally, click on the ‘Build Funnel’ option. 

Once this is done, you will be able to select your page templates.

Step 2:

  • To select the page templates, choose the ‘Membership Access ‘step in the funnel.
  • Now, select the ‘Membership Category’. 
  • Next, you will have to select a ‘Membership Accesspage template.
  • Now, simply repeat this same procedure to add a ‘Membership Area’ template.

Bonus Tips:

Now that you will be able to create your Membership Funnel, let’s just share a few tips with you!

  • You will only be allowed to have one Membership Access and Membership Area step type for each individual funnel. 
  • For Membership Areas, the login and password are not automatically generated. This means that the users will have to manually create their individual accounts using the Secret URL. 
  • Lastly, the URL of the Membership Access Page should never be provided to the users to access your Membership Area.

With all this information about Membership Funnels, you will surely to be able to create one that will help your business grow rapidly!