clickfunnels vs unbounce

ClickFunnels vs Unbounce

This article will discuss ClickFunnels vs Unbounce in detail so that you can get a better idea about which platform is best for your business.

Online marketplaces have become the new trend due to the rapid growth in technological advancement and the world is rapidly moving toward online practices instead of conventional ones. With the number of online sellers and businesses growing in number every day, entrepreneurs face the threat of increased competition.

Many software have thus been introduced to counter this issue and help sellers grow their businesses. Some of the most common names of such software are ClickFunnels and Unbounce. Sellers are often confused about which of these software are the best for their particular business.

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is an online marketing software that allows users to expand their business by using sales-focused landing pages and funnels that help increase their conversion rates greatly. It also allows integration with third-party software and does not require any programming language or custom coding to work with.

What is Unbounce?

Unbounce is another drag and drop builder that allows you to create and publish your own landing pages, without any knowledge or experience of coding or programming languages. It is considered to be an easier and faster way to increase the conversion rate from the traffic. It uses conversion intelligence for a marketing strategy.

ClickFunnels vs Unbounce

Both these software are fundamentally different in their primary purposes. ClickFunnels is mainly used for creating funnels while Unbounce is mainly responsible for creating landing pages.

creating unbounce landing page

A similarity is that both of them have the same starting prices and also a free trial period. However, ClickFunnels pricing offers many more options as compared to Unbounce.

While both software offer a wide array of templates to choose from, ClickFunnels wins the points here because they offer a much larger number of themes and templates to choose from to the users.

Both software also offer the A/B split testing option, but in this case, Unbounce wins the points here because, unlike ClickFunnels, it does not require an additional subscription fee in order to avail this feature.

Both software offer the ability to integrate with third-party software. Unbounce is the winner here because it allows you to integrate with all the major email and payment gateways. If the systems do not directly integrate, you can integrate them using WebHooks or Zapier.

On the other hand, ClickFunnels offers more support options and is more contactable than Unbounce. Therefore, it allows more customer support as compared to Unbounce and is a winner in this category.

Knowing all this, you must realize that this is a close chase and both these software are very competitive. If you want to create funnels and you are not very tech-savvy, then ClickFunnels must be for you. On the other hand, opt for Unbounce if you want to create highly converting landing pages.

Congratulations! Now you will be able to choose the most appropriate software to achieve your goals.